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1. Pick a STAR, image  or draw your own. 

2. Send to STARStv - Name, Birthday & STAR.
          MitchellH31.01.01 - MitchellH31.01.01         JamesH19.05.98JamesH19.05.98          Be the next STAR?????                                                         
3. Scroll and see your in the Universe.           
Southern Cross makes AussieSTARS     CassieH05.11.96             

      AndrewH13.08.63   Alex S likes netball

       Ali G loves her Mum and Dad  


        Andrew T likes cricket, tennis and sport  

      Ashley D likes Netball, pPink and flowers      

        Catherine likes flowers and pink   Camilla Mc likes tennis and netball

    Cassie H likes netball, and dancing     Kate G is a great sport - 09/06  

        CooperD12.11.2004 Clare L likes soccer and dance  

      Cooper D likes trains and soccer     MaceyD30.04.2008

            Danial B

    Destiny P   David Mc likes soccer and his friend Felix    

            Ella S

      Ellen S lives and Concord    

    Emily L likes basketball and New York        

        Fabrizio O is from Greenacrees - Florida in the United States  

    Henry B is born in April, likes soccer and the colour red.     Harry W likes Tennis and Soccer. Best friend is Leo

  Jacob D's Birthday is 18 March 2004, my favorite colour is Blue and red and my favorite sport is Soccer.    
    Jackson D is active and likes to try all things   James H likes Soccer, Art, Athletics.Best Friends are Joshua,

Southern Cross








MitchH31.01.01 likes Baseball tennis, Soccer and having FUN


Jenny L -  loves her sport especially gross motor.








  Lachlan O likes all sports. His favourite Colours are  Green and orange                                  
Jessica Mc likes Tennis, Netball and Hockey.






Sagittarius   Karen S lives at Oakhurst, favourite colour blue and dancing is best                                  




Aquarius   Kayla I like netball, swimming, dolphins and my favourite color is red                                  


Lachlan S likes Soccer and Cricket. Best mates are James, Josh and Jack   EmmaT3/3/96 likes computers and badminton                                  




    Larry D likes steam trains and fire engines. Favourite colour is yellow                                  
Leo A likes Tennis. He has the fastest serve. His best friend is Harry




      Mitch H likes soccer. Favourite colours are green and Gold. Favourite Team is the Socceroos. Favourite animal is his Dad.                                
    Ned Kelly. Likes hanging around with his mates. Good on a horse.                                  
  Nick L likes purple, red and blue. Best mates are James H and Hugh P. Best animal is tiger and my dog Tess.     Rachelle L has a birthday on  7th August 2001. My favourite colour is yellow. I like gymnastics.                                
Riku K lives in Marsfield NSW, Birth Date is 9/12/1999. Favourite colour is light blue, Favourite sport is soccer                                      
  SportsSTAR plays every sport     Sara H lives in Sydney and loves singing and soccer. My birthday is September 10th and my fave colour is blue.                                
Taaria PK lives at Greystanes. Favourite activity is dancing and favourite colour is purple.                                      
    Tianna lives in Australia. Her favourite colour is hot pink and fav sport is ice skating and dancing                                    
    Zac G likes tennis, cars and coins                                  
  Tanaya B 27/1/96 likes dancing and singing                                    
        3D Gifs  Amazing Animations part 1                                
  Ankitha A 5/2/96 likes music and singing                                    
    3D Gifs  Amazing Animations part 1    
    Mitchell H likes Hockey, Tennis and sweet things.